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Young Engineer’s Club


Young Engineer's Club

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Young Engineer’s Club and our team invite you to the ‘Fairy-tale Science Experiment’. Playing main roles: kids from your kindergarten, our coordinator and creative chemistry and physics experiments, in which children take an active part, combining learning and playing.

These experiments are designed to introduce kids to the world of chemistry, physics, mathematics and foreign languages. To capture their interest and instill in them the desire to explore these subjects from the very beginning. Our lecturers prepare a lot of interesting, colorful experiments using everyday products, which helps easily visualize the phenomena occurring in everyday life.

The ‘Small Engineer Experiments’ project is very popular in British kindergartens, where we conduct such classes, and we strongly believe that you would also be interested in a demonstration for your kindergarten.

Our professional animators put their heart and passion into classes, which helps them demonstrate the beauty of natural phenomena, while teaching logical thinking and instilling the desire to learn about those areas of science.

Additionally, we offer lessons in English, mathematical puzzles for children, and many more. Classes are 60 minutes or shorter, depending on your preferences. The first demonstration lesson is free.

If you are interested, contact us for more details.

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