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As an alternative to our home tuition service, we offer high quality one to one online tuition. The same tutors who we know well and have worked with doing home tuition in the cities are available for online tuition.

Our service is the same for home tuition or online tuition. We don’t believe in having you search through dozens of tutor profiles to try to pick an online tutor: we know and have worked with all our tutors, so we can find the right tutor for your child. Once we have found the perfect tutor, we then organise a trial lesson.

For online tuition we use Skype and an integrated online whiteboard system to create a fully interactive learning space which allows the tutors and students to build up a rapport similar to an in-person tuition session. The online whiteboard is used collaboratively by tutors and students to enhance learning. Tutors can demonstrate how to solve complex equations, send photos of worksheets, or draw diagrams; students can also use it to work interactively by typing responses or underlining sections of a passage or text.

We know that living far away can sometimes mean that you cannot partake in traditional tutoring, ON-LINE TUTORING with European School of Tutoring is a perfect solution. Interaction via computer and exciting graphics will encourage even the most resistant students to learn, and provide gifted children with an excellent platform for developing their mathematical skills.

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