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Helping others makes us happy


We support student's development

We often provide rewards for participation in different kinds of contests and competitions organized by charities, and we also organize contests like that ourselves. Our contest prizes include free private lesson packages with one of our professional tutors.


Our school can be proud of annual support of school vacation trips, on which we provide prizes such as Polish-English books, souvenirs and lots of sweets, which make time pleasant and fun during those trips.

We often take part in “szlachetna paczka” charity, where we offer private lesson packages as prizes. We also cooperate with many child care homes located in Poland, offering tutoring in much lower prices than regular.

Student- friendly learning

Our motto is student – friendly learning. Our actions are always driven by the wellness of our students, so from each lesson they are deriving as much knowledge and pleasure as they can. We often try to infect our students with passion for learning a subject, and we appreciate all their efforts, since they all have great aptitude for amazing achievements in the science-related fields and foreign languages. Through our actions we often help students discover their hidden talents, talents which might be unappreciated on everyday basis.

Frequently we try to take part in different kinds of charity events, which through financial support and numerous awards we provide for specific charitable actions, can provoke interest in some fields of study. Foreign language books, brain teasers and science props are only some of the rewards which up to this moment we have passed on to students.


If you wish to cooperate with us or present your charity program, please contact us, so we can consider supporting one of the presented ideas.

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